Anxiety Management Coach

So, what is a Well-Being Whizz, I hear you ask?

Well it’s me, Bevan Thompson… “Poacher turned Gamekeeper” of anxiety.

After suffering for many years with crippling anxiety, that made my life almost impossible, I began to study how anxiety worked, how my mind and body worked, and developed my own framework to manage my anxiety and unlock my happy again.

I’m now an Anxiety Management Coach, sharing this framework with clients and helping them learn how to face their anxiety head on, learn to manage it, and get their life back through a variety of methods and programmes.

Anxiety Coaching

1:1 coaching is the most intensive and immediately effective way of learning to manage your anxiety.

Anxiety Coaching

A 6 week online course delivered via Zoom in a small group setting with others in the same boat.

Online Video Courses

A range of video courses tailored to suit your current anxiety needs, for you to take at your own pace.


Hypnosis to overcome problems including anxiety, addictions, phobias, weight loss and confidence issues.

Past Life

Resolve current issues that have their origins in past lives, or just time travel to visit your previous lives.

Tame Your Anxiety Monster

And Unlock Your Happy

Sign up is now open for the next intake of the Tame Your Monster and Unlock Your Happy online group course. 

Next course begins on Wednesday 30th June.


About Me

I’m “The Wellbeing Whizz” , Bevan Thompson, husband, father, cockapoo owner, band member, trashy TV show enthusiast, Anxiety Management Coach and Hypnotherapy Practitioner.

Around 15 years ago, my life used to be a misery, let me tell you how I turned that round…..

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