A Past Life Experience is the physical act of being taken back to revisit your past lives through the use of hypnotherapy. In a Past Life Experience, the spirit realms are experienced in the “eternal now”. This is an altered state of awareness where you will find it easy to communicate intuitively with the souls of your relevant past lives, and experience what I was like to be them.

Past Life Regression is the key to unlocking our oldest memories.  Have you ever wondered if you’ve lived before?

Perhaps you’ve experienced strong feelings of knowing someone that you have only just met? Maybe you have felt a strong connection to a place you’ve never been to before or even arrived somewhere for the first time and instinctively felt as though you’d been there before? Maybe even knew your way around, although you knew you hadn’t beed there… not in this lifetime anyway.  

Through Past Life Regression you can discover the answers along with so much more.

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I’m “The Wellbeing Whizz” , Bevan Thompson, husband, father, cockapoo owner, band member, trashy TV show enthusiast, Anxiety Management Coach and Hypnotherapy Practitioner.

Around 15 years ago, my life used to be a misery, let me tell you how I turned that round…..

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