Anxiety Management Coach

I’m “The Wellbeing Whizz” , Bevan Thompson, husband, father, cockapoo owner, band member, trashy TV show enthusiast, Anxiety Management Coach and Hypnotherapy Practitioner.

Around 15 years ago, my life used to be a misery.


My mind was a whirling endless stream of negative thoughts. I couldn’t stop them. It led to an extremely high level of anxiety. With this anxiety came the crippling symptoms like dizziness, nausea, confusion, racing heart, trouble breathing and so many more.

I avoided social situations, stopped enjoying new experiences and joy was being sapped out of anything I did. I was living in fear of the next attack. I felt so embarrassed, scared, and worthless. I was literally paralysed by fear and I wanted to hide my anxiety from everyone.

One day, I broke down in tears to my wife, (after building a fort out of toilet rolls during a particularly awful panic attack in Tesco, ask me about it sometime!)  I explained how I felt, trapped in my own mind and suffering. She had no idea it was that bad, and at that moment, I resolved to get “myself” back and fight this monster as hard as I could. Initially, I tried so many different therapies that didn’t help, so I started to read, learn and study about what was happening to me, both mentally and physically, to unravel the secrets of my own anxiety and panic.

I became a “student of my anxiety” and learned step by step how to beat it, took the power back and get my life back!

While running my conference and events business alongside it, tThe “Well Being Whizz” anxiety management coach was born!

I studied for a Diploma in Life Coaching, became a qualified hypnotherapy practitioner and created a step-by-step program, based on what I had used to rid myself of anxiety. The next step was to share it with people so they could leave anxiety and panic behind forever. There is nothing better than sharing the moment of being “set free” from anxiety once and for all with a client, I get that amazing euphoric feeling all over again from when it happened to me.

To say I love doing what I do would be an understatement. I just love helping people get their lives back! Get in touch and I’ll show you how.

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